I’m glad to introduce myself,

My name is Stefano Lazzari and since 1990 I’m living art as a profession as well as a passion.

In that year, i decided to study a special technique that would help me to recreate a fresco, a canvas or a wood panel at the same of the original paintings

I am the owner of the Bottega Tifernate with my sister Francesca and my father Romolo.
With them I study and apply the techniques of the ancient “bottega”, in Umbria, a land of many artistic testimonies.
My work leads me to travel and get to know the greatest masters of the past.
Together with my team I recreate frescoes, canvases and wood panels applying the same process performed for the original.
We can achieve everything from Roman art to the present day without limits.
In my free time I realize paintings inspired by all what happens around us.

In this Magazine, I want to share my life, made of emotions, meetings and discoveries, linked to the most beautiful period that Italy has left us: the Renaissance.

Let’s start together a “journey” that will lead us to know, deepen, share and discuss painters, exhibitions, news and special paintings: in short, all those things that happen to us and that happened to us with a special look at everything that moves around the world of art.

See you soon!