I began my research in 1990 through the rediscovery of ancient manufacturing techniques. Perugino, Raffaello, Piero Della Francesca but also Leonardo, Michelangelo and Caravaggio were studied directly in the museums where I was able to deepen their way of painting. Thanks to that, in 2000, I obtained the patent for Pictografia technique. This experience, shared with Francesca, Romolo and the team of artists who make up the Bottega Tifernate, has gained knowledge about colors, but also about the transformation of the material so deep as to inspire a new way of seeing art. I come from a classical formation: The Renaissance is the period that I studied at the best.

I collaborate with important museums such as the Louvre in Paris, the Metropolitan of New York, the Vatican Museums, the Uffizi in Florence and the British Museum in London, where I often go to deepen my knowledge of the colors, the brush strokes, the way of painting of great artists protagonists of that period. Usually, they had a client and had to follow pre-established iconographic canons as well; in the last century, however, it is the painter who proposes his own style and thought, creating a path that, I thought, has had its maximum expression with the “INFORMAL STYLE ” My research is based on the “RETURN TO FORM” with the use of essential lines and curves that, with the help of color, allow you to recreate the pathos that you can feel in front of a flowery landscape or the intimacy of a sacred portrait, without distractions. I do not follow prospective or academic canons; I try to fix my feelings with the minimum distraction.

Over the years I have created works where I inserted the emotion of a discovery, the achievement of a goal but also the strong disappointment given by a defeat. I see in my paintings a continuous contamination and a reuse of ancient techniques on modern materials, lines and shapes inspired by great masterpieces but also the perfume and colors, the landscape of my birth-land.